How Yesterday’s Dreams Can Save You Today From Pain

How Yesterday's Dreams Can Save You Today From Pain

Let me ask you a quick question:

What happened to your dreams?

I don’t mean the dreams you have at night, I mean the dreams you had as a child or adolescent about your future.

What was the life you envisioned for yourself later in life?

Who did you want to be?

I knew at a very young age that I wanted to live a creative life.

I told you before that making music was always a huge part of my life and I always dreamed of making a job out of it later.

But … and many of you might have experienced the same, living an artist’s life is not something your conservative father sees you doing.

So he sabotaged me and conditioned me to the way he wanted me to be.

One of the things I deeply regret in my early life is that I never fought for my dreams.

So there I was, an artist to the bone, conditioned to be a doctor and later realizing that I gave up my dream mostly out of fear.

Image that level of inner conflict.

Maybe you experienced something like that in your life too?

So many things can happen that make us abandon our dreams that were perfectly aligned with who we really are.

Events occur, people come into out lives, we make rational decisions and one day we wake up … and it’s gone.

Where did our dreams go?

But you know what?

Not today.

Today is the day that you dig out your dreams.
Today is the day that you re-animate your dreams.
Today is the day that you follow their call.

A breakup is a perfect time to reconnect with your childhood dreams, to re-discover who you really are.

I did exactly that when I followed my calling. I didn’t become a musician as planned, but today I live a create life AND help people at the same time.

That’s the perfect combination, and it aligns with WHO I really am.

Want to follow my footsteps? Do what I did?

Just start today!

Your friend and coach,

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