Why Your Break-Up Is NOT The End

light at the end of the tunnel

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”
―John Lennon

I get lots of emails every day.

I love to read them all and respond to as many as I can.

What I always read between the lines is that most of you just want to know that everything will be okay in the end and that there is an end to all this misery.

I tell them … and I’m not lying.

How do I know for sure if I don’t know the person writing and their particular situation?

I know, because I’m doing this for a long time and I’ve seen it all:

  • The wife who was abandoned by her husband of 25 years over night.
  • The student who was cheated on right before the exams.
  • The man whose fiancee run away two weeks before the wedding.
  • The couple who drifted apart after 10 years living together.
  • The passionate love that has suddenly grown cold.

In the end, it was “okay” every time … and it will be okay for you.

Again, how do I know that?

Well, for one you are subscribed to this newsletter and I have your back (yes, I am that confident).

Also, if you’re one of the members of the DETOX Course I can almost guarantee you that you WILL be okay (you have to put in the work though).

Yes, YOU will be okay.

The pain will subside, it will get easier, and you will have a life again.

There are roadblocks – of course – mistakes to be made, tears to be shed.

But if you do everything right – and I’ll make sure that you do – you will be okay again.

You will find love again … and this time, everything will be different.

I know that love is the farthest thing on your mind right now and you most probably don’t want to hear about it … but it should be your end-goal.

It should be the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s what the experience of your breakup or divorce will lead you to (if you let it).

You will become emotionally independent, stronger and more confident. And you will attract Mr/Mrs. Right.

You breakup had a reason, and it is your OBLIGATION to figure that out and use it to have better relationships in the future.

That’s why all this mess happened in the first place.

Your friend and coach,
Eddie Corbano

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