Have You Noticed The Red Flags?


“Red flags are moments of hesitation that determine our destination.”
―Mandy Hale

Have you ever asked yourself if there were red flags prior to your breakup?

Have you noticed anything?

I bet you did but weren’t able to interpret the signs accordingly … let alone acting on them.

I remember vividly one certain situation before my own breakup that brutally demonstrated how utterly unaware I was of the red flags she was constantly throwing at me.

About two weeks before she broke it off, she went on a small vacation with her best friend to explore Vienna. Needless to say that for me – being an insecure and jealous boyfriend back then – this was a complete horror scenario.

Just image two attractive 26-year-old enjoying the Vienna nightlife and me sitting at home thinking about what can happen.

Today, I wouldn’t break a sweat. But back then it was hell for me.

What I did was exhibiting the classic behavior of a needy and insecure (and very jealous) man:

One day I called her about 25 times in a row (I’m not proud of that).

And she didn’t pick up the phone up … not once.

What does that tell us?

It says that she didn’t want to speak with me, obviously. And that she didn’t want to be with a person who’s needy and insecure.

That she knew that I wasn’t the partner she wanted.

I didn’t get that. I kept thinking she lost her phone or something.

Not picking her phone up once in 25 calls was a huge red-flag.

Now, it’s a fact that most of us don’t recognize red flags in a relationship. Even when they do, avoiding pain and self-preservation is too strong, so we convince ourselves that it’s nothing.

We do nothing when we need to act.

Much later in my recovery, I found out what really went wrong in our relationship and how we were incompatible.

I wasn’t the person she was looking for, and she wasn’t the person I would have been looking for IF I have been “me”.

It’s not about being a partner-pleaser. It’s about being YOUR “authentic self”.

The person you are deep down.

Only when you re-connect to that person, you can live fulfilling and happy relationships.

Back then, I wasn’t who I was supposed to be. I was a caricature of my “real” self.

What my breakup did for me was correct my course. It forced me to become the person that I am today:

Someone who is emotionally stable, confident and self-aware. Traits I could only dream of when I was with her.

So what you have to do after your breakup is find out WHO you really are and become that person.

In our course, we have a whole part that is dedicated to you finding your “real” self and your purpose. Because this is one of the biggest secrets of thriving after a breakup: reconnecting to your true self and finding your purpose.

Healing this way will not only lead you to your perfect partner, but it will also bullet-proof your heart for future breakups.

If that’s a way you want to go, then sign-up here:


Your friend and coach,
Eddie Corbano

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