Why 80 Percent Of All People Are Unhappy

Why 80 Percent Of All People Are Unhappy

Yesterday I watched a Ted talk about a guy who went to his 20 years college reunion and discovered something unexpected:

The very reason why people are unhappy.

He found out that only 20% of all the people who went there were entirely happy with their lives.

The rest of them were utterly unhappy.

That’s 80%!

And bare in mind that this was at Yale University, where most of the graduates do very fine for their living.

So what made the difference?

As he dug deeper, he found that all people of those “happy 20%” had something in common.

Something the “unhappy 80%” hadn’t.

What was is?

They all had a life purpose.

Early on, they found something that they defined as their passion, something that they’ve always loved to do and they combined it with helping other people.

And that made ALL the difference for them.

That “little thing” distinguished them from the unhappy 80%.

It made a huge difference in their lives.

I found out very early in my recovery that this is something that each of us has to do.

Something you must find too if you want to heal sustainably.

Your friend and coach,

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