Can You Do A Hundred More?

A Hundred More
What happens when you hire a personal trainer who’s also a former Navy Seal?

Pain! (as Clubber Lang said in Rocky 3)

A good friend of mine did exactly that.

He found that he had hit a wall in his fitness training progress, and he needed help to get past that.

So he hired Mike … 200 pounds of pure muscle and an iron will.

On the very first day, he told him to make as many push-ups as he can do, up until he literally broke down.

So he did … and while he was fidgeting on the floor from exhaustion, like a fish out of water trying to catch its breath, Mike told him this:

“Now do a 100 more.”

And my friend obeyed … and did a 100 more.

It took a while and everything he had in him, but he did it.

It was a huge lesson for him:

You can go way beyond the point of thinking that you can’t continue anymore.

When you think that you will die after ONE more push-up, you CAN still do a 100 more.

I’m asking you today:

Are you willing to “take a 100 more” in your recovery?

Are you willing to get over your Ex once and for all and use this breakup to be a better YOU?

To have happier relationships in the future and live the life you were destined to live?

Then let me be YOUR Mike.

Let me lead you through your recovery, through the No-Contact Rule (you will do it!), through your self-discovery, through your re-building … up to making the final leap into a new relationship.

Is that something you want to do?

Your friend and coach,

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