Unless You Have A Time-Machine, You Need To Do This …


“Absence never makes the heart grow fonder because those who are out of sight are out of mind.”
—Vikrant Parsai

Have you ever wondered how they got over breakups 50 years ago?

Maybe you know (depending on what your age is), but I bet most of us – including me – have no idea.

And I’m not talking about the moral or legal implications of divorce at that time … just the plain old “men leaves woman” or the other way around.

How did people cope?

Well, first there was a much better support system. People weren’t that alone back then as they are today … they stayed at home longer, so family cohesion was much better.

Also, people weren’t exposed to all kinds of damaging theories about healing after a breakup as they are today.

When you’re broken up, you weren’t supposed to stay friends.

It was mainly break up and forget.

Even if you lived in a small town where bump-ins were inevitable. The mindset was that a breakup is something final, and we should treat it as such.

Another important thing … there was NO internet.

If you were curious about what your Ex was doing, you either had to ask someone who knew them or stalk them (which couldn’t be done as easily as today).

These severe obstacles simply discouraged most people from checking out their Ex.

Today you have cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …, etc. etc.

Temptations everywhere.

All of these things (and the lack of it) made life a little easier for the broken hearted back then.

Was everything easier?

No, ( … and this wasn’t supposed to be an “everything was better in the past” rant).

What I wanted to emphasize is that you can make your life easier TODAY:

  • Get a support system
  • Go on strict No-Contact
  • Resist the urge to contact/stalk your Ex

When you manage to do these three things only, you will avoid the fatal mistakes 95% of all breakup survivors make – adding months (and sometimes years even) to their healing time.

I am here to help you do this.

In our DETOX Course, we have a vivid forum with people going through the same things as you are, which acts as your support system.

We also have lessons to cover the seven main obstacles to going No-Contact, even if you think that it’s impossible for you … one of them being how to resist the urge to contact them.

If that’s something you need help with, click here to join the community:


Your friend and coach,
Eddie Corbano

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