How I Became Unattractive In 2 Seconds

How I Became Unattractive In 2 Seconds

Is it possible to become instantly unattractive to someone by saying just this one sentence?

Oh yeah, it is.

If your wife/girlfriend is like any other woman in the world and wants a “real man” who takes care of her and treats her like a woman, then NEVER say this sentence.

Same thing happens when you say it to your husband/boyfriend.

My problem was that I was completely unaware of the issue when I said it back then.

Maybe it felt wrong saying it, maybe I noticed that she didn’t like it … but I had no clue.

How naive I was.

Neediness is one of the biggest killers of relationships.

How do we become needy?

Neediness is grounded in insecurity about yourself … it’s a severe lack of confidence.

It’s when you think that your partner is way out of your league.

And that was exactly what I thought back then:

How can somebody so stunningly beautiful be with ME?

I said to her (and I quiver while I write this):

“If I’d ever lose you, I would die.”

This is one of the worst things that you can say to your partner.

Because it signalizes:

I am insecure, needy, week, I can’t take charge of the relationship, I am inferior.

Today, I would NEVER say something like this.

For one thing, because I know its impact. But more importantly, because it’s simply NOT true.

I wouldn’t die.

I would get over her, and I’d be happy again.

And this knowledge is such an effective weapon.

It’s a bulletproof heart … a heart that can’t be broken.

How did I get there?

Glad you asked.

I got there by resolving my insecurity issues but taking an in-depth look into the “WHY” I put my life into her hands.

The “WHY” I couldn’t get over her.

I did the “Emotional DETOX”.

And this is what you should do too because it’s the best way to reconnect with yourself and eradicate this unattractive neediness once and for all.

It will have an enormous impact on your recovery AND your future relationships.

Your friend and coach,

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