How Being A Child Can Help You To Get Over Your Break-Up

How Being A Child Can Help You To Get Over Your Break-Up

How pure they still are.

Yet unspoiled by the deviousness of the world.

Last year my twin girls invited a friend to their birthday party, and she didn’t show up. No cancellation, not a word of explanation.

This year they wanted to invite her again, but we said “no”.

Insulted adults who pass their social wounds on to their children.

In reality, we wanted to protect them from yet another disappointment from the same girl.

Why don’t we have faith in our kids?

They often do so much better than we do.

We do it because we are shaped by our negative experiences.

Every wound puts up another shield, until the real “ME” is utterly covered, invisible.

Pull down ALL the shields? Oh, my god, that’s really scary.

Our kids have no shields. They are just as they are … raw, unfiltered, authentic.

Why can’t WE be like that?

We can try and start by finding out WHO you really are.

Before all this mess happened.

Who were you as a child? What did you love to do?

C’mon, tell me … I know there is something that you haven’t dared to speak out for a long time.

Disney characters? Marvel heroes?

Start to be a child again … be raw, unfiltered and authentic.

Put your shield down.

Part of my coaching is the reconnection to your “inner child”. Something that is unbelievably powerful for your recovery.

Because your “inner child” knows how to heal you and what it takes.

All you have to do is trust it.

This is not mumbo-jumbo, in fact, it’s based on science.

But as you know, I don’t care about studies and scientific research. All I care about is what works and what doesn’t.

And this works.

Your friend and coach,


And by the way … we decided to let them invite that girl again, without expressing our doubts. If she doesn’t show up, they will handle it. And I hope that my wife and me will too.

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