How My Breakup Changed Me (Embarrassing Details)

How My Breakup Changed Me

Let me tell you about a dark period in my life, where I wasn’t at all who I was supposed to be.

Please bear with me, there is a lesson in here.

I love people … I really do. But it might surprise you that this wasn’t always the case.

In fact, there was a very long period in my life when I hated everyone. I was disgusted by what people do every day.

I hid in my little cave, my little island surrounded by hate, terror and cruelty.

I’m not talking about a few days … I’m talking about years.

Today I choose to only see the good in people. I filter out the ugly and decide to only see the beauty.

Is that turning a blind eye to the reality of the world?

No, it’s creating my own reality.

Where the lesson Eddie?

The lesson is the change that I underwent.

From being a misanthropist to a convinced philanthropist (allow me to use fancy words today).

And this fundamental change was caused by my uber-breakup (what a surprise, right?).

In a nutshell: it reconnected myself to the person I really was deep inside.

I really wasn’t a cynic and pessimist deep down. That was just a defensive reaction to everything that had happened to me before.

I was always the person that I am today.

But I was covered in fear, distrust, hate and disappointment.

My recovery removed all of these false “shields” … it made them obsolete.

My breakup recovery did something wonderful to me: it freed me and gave me back my “self”.

So I’m asking you today:

Are you the person you are supposed to be?

Or has this long relationship and experience turned you into somebody else?

If there’s even a little doubt, then you have to go towards change.

And that is what I do.

I help you to create lasting change.

Have you checked out our DETOX Course yet?

A big part of it is helping you to understand your “self” better. The person you really are.

And THIS understanding will not only free you, but it will help you to have better relationships in the future.

Do you think that I ever would’ve met my today’s wife with by being my former self?

That’s why it’s important that you go through your recovery the right way.

I’ve done everything I can to make this as easy as possible for you.

Just do the simple exercises we give you and you’ll be off to a great start.

Your friend and coach,

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