The Spanish Way To Get Over Breakups

The Spanish Way To Get Over Breakups

How do you make sure that you succeed in your recovery from your Ex?

You do by removing all other options.

Let me explain.

In 1519, when Captain Cortés landed in Mexico to begin the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, he faced a serious problem.

After months at sea, his men were undernourished, unmotivated and outnumbered by their opponents. There were not willing to conquer a continent and just wanted to return home.

So what did Cortés do?

Upon arriving, he gave the order to burn the ships, giving his men only two options: To either succeed or die.

What seems radical in concept is, in fact, one of the best motivators that there is: removing all the other options, only leaving the way to success.

Let’s apply this to our breakups.

If we take the easy way out, which is trying to stay friends with them, rebounding immediately, or even keeping them alive in our heads, doing nothing for our recovery, we still keep the metaphorical boats ashore.

But when we burn these boats, meaning: going No-Contact, trying to reconnect with ourselves, removing them from our thinking … we WILL conquer the continent.

Because we don’t have another option but to get over them.

Does that make sense?

Then what is holding you back?

Your friend and coach,

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