What It Really Means To Move On From Your Ex


I know that you too want to move on from your Ex.

But what does is really mean to “move on”? (Besides the fact that you stop caring for them …)

Here’s an interesting “side-effect” of going through a breakup recovery the “right” way.

Karen, a former client who has become a good friend, wrote me an email the other day about a really tough choice she had to make.

And her choice impressively demonstrates how you CAN change after a breakup and how you can make choices you’ve never been able to make before.

Because real recovery does not ONLY mean “I’m over him/her”, it’s also everything that comes after.

Karen wrote that after completing the DETOX, she was putting all her energy into pursuing her life-purpose. After that, she finally met someone who seemed like a perfect match for her.

But there was this one thing … this ONE red flag:

He was still not over his own Ex.

Before her recovery, she most probably wouldn’t have noticed or ignored this red flag. Or maybe just dismissed it as something that would have worked out somehow eventually.

But now that she knows her(“self”), her values and what she expects of a relationship, this has become something unacceptable.

So she told him that she doesn’t need any drama in her life right now and “good-bye” … (trusting that the right one will come along eventually).

She doesn’t need to be in a relationship desperately, she is happy with herself.

I think that people tend to underestimate all the other benefits of a sustainable recovery, they just want to get rid of the pain and they rely on “time” to do that job for them.

Karen went all the way. She invested in her recovery and is reaping the rewards today … being happy with herself and more confident than she’s ever been in her life.

Do you want to go through the same recovery as Karen has?

You can start today.

Your friend and coach,

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