Are you an Ex-Addict?

Are you an Ex-Addict?

Do you think obsessively about your Ex? Are you unable to break free from them?

Did you know that this is some sort of addiction?

“Ex-Addiction,” that’s a term I coined years ago to describe this seemingly unsolvable problem of not being able to let go of an Ex … even for years sometimes.

But what are the symptoms, how do you know that you’re “addicted”?

One of the main symptoms is this:

You believe that they are your ONLY source of happiness.

A recent study proved that the cravings you feel towards your Ex after a breakup exhibit all characteristics of a real addiction:

There’s a whole pathway that when you are rejected becomes activated just as it does with nicotine cravings or alcohol.

As a consequence, you are convinced that there’s NO real happiness without them:

Ex = Happiness

No Ex = No Happiness

The problem with this kind of mindset is that it will make you think and do foolish things.

All you want is to get back your “drug”, so you stalk, harass and terrorize your Ex … especially in the beginning.

Later you do the same thing in your mind.

Both things will backfire and put you in a terrible state of mind.

How to break from this addiction?

There’s only one way to do this:

You basically have to rewire your brain.

You have to accept – step by step – that your Ex is NOT the one source of your happiness, and that true happiness can only come from within yourself.

This is really not easy to do because you might not know any better at first and resist any change.

The withdrawal is the pain you feel while making this transition.

That’s why it’s so super important to do this right because you don’t want to find just another “drug” again.

This would mean starting this whole cycle anew.

You want to completely clean out your system from this kind of thinking.

You want to free yourself from this toxic love.

Because that’s what it is … you most probably stayed with your Ex, because you expected them to make you happy.

And this my friends is not a good foundation for a fulfilling and stable relationship.

Your friend and coach,

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