How To Not Let Fear Stop You

How To Not Let Fear Stop You

This is a little quote I try to live my life by:

“Don’t ask for security, ask for adventure.”
—Jim Rohn

I went through life seeking all kinds of security.

Then I had to experience that there is NO security at all.

I looked for the perfect relationship, someone who would never leave me no matter what.

But is that really living?

Although my goal today – of course – is to stay with my wife forever, I don’t call it seeking security … I call it adventure.

You look for security when you need the relationship to define yourself, to be happy, to live.

It’s adventure when you look at every day in a new light, full of potential and possibilities.

And that’s how a fulfilling relationship should look like.

Not just during the rose-colored-glasses days. But also after 30 years.

The foundation for such a relationship is that you don’t need it.

That you can function on your own … with your own goals, wants and aspirations.

And above all, to get your individual non-negotiable needs met.

Call it healthy selfishness.

Your goal after your breakup should be to find out who you are and what you really want (among other important things).

That’s what the second part of our course, the “Emotional DETOX”, is all about.

It’s where you find YOURSELF again and by doing so, you bulletproof your heart from future breakups.

Many members had lots of epiphanies here.

They suddenly understand their own “cycle of failed relationships”, and why the same thing kept happening over and over again in their lives.

Isn’t that some epiphany?

To understand WHY all your breakups before happened (not just the recent one) and to KNOW how to prevent that from happening again?

Your friend and coach,

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