How It Feels To Have Your Heart Broken

How It Feels To Have Your Heart Broken

I recently stumbled onto a song, which beautifully describes how it really feels to have your heart broken into pieces:

“My hands are cold my body’s numb
I’m still in shock what have you done
My head is poundin’, my vision’s blur
Your mouth is moving, I don’t hear a word

And it hurts so bad that I search my skin
For the entry point, where love went in
And ricocheted and bounced around
And left a hole when you walked out”

— “Exit Wounds” by The Script

I don’t think that I’ve read anything lately that describes the pain and the agony after the breakup better than this song.

Your mouth is moving, I don’t hear a word.

I remember that so well.

That moment when you finally surrender to the possibility that it might be over.

You’ve suspected it before, but the truth was simply too painful to bear.

Today you find yourself staring at the “entry point” and wondering if it will ever heal.

I want you to find comfort in the following three facts:

1. You are NOT alone in this.

Thousands of others who are in the exact same situation as yourself are reading this same email right now.

They feel the same pain, the fear and also the helplessness.

2. You were saved from a wrong relationship.

I know it sounds weird, but the purpose of your breakup was to uncover the fact that you were with the wrong person.

Maybe it’s still too early to admit that to yourself, but you will soon.

What you need to accept is: they didn’t want to be with you, so they walked away.

That’s an unbelievably painful truth to admit to yourself … but it’s also a blessing in disguise in so many ways.

One of them being that you were saved from (maybe years) of being with the wrong person.

That’s the way you should look at it.

3. You will learn from this mess.

You may not see it now, but this breakup opened up so many new possibilities for you.

It will lead you to a new understanding about yourself and the life you are living at the moment.

It will show you WHY you attracted your Ex in the first place and WHY he or she was wrong for you.

It will uncover pain you’ve been carrying on your shoulders your whole life (hint: “Hidden Pain-Points”). Pain that shaped the life you were leading before the breakup.

In a nutshell:

The breakup happened so that you can take the right turn at the crossroad you’ve been stuck in.

And that is exactly the reason WHY I created the DETOX Course.

To help you to have the best possible outcome of this experience, so that it leads to better partners and more fulfilled relationships.

Relationships with other people AND with yourself.

Because if you truly love and respect yourself, that’s when you attract a partner who loves and respects YOU.

Your friend and coach,

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