Does Your Ex Still Love You?

Does Your Ex Still Love You?

Here’s a recent question from a reader:

How do you find out if the person you still love might love you back even if they (or both of you) are in different relationships?

I know that many of you are tormented by that very same question.

It is very common among break up survivors to believe their Exes still love them.

I used to be certain that my Ex secretly wanted me back, even when she was in a new relationship again.

The truth couldn’t be further from that.

Had I confronted her back then, I would have crashed and burned.

Save yourself from that.

Your Ex made the decision to end your relationship. It’s very unlikely that they did that and still loved you.

I know it’s hard to accept, but it’s a necessity that you do.

Be sure about one thing, though … if your Ex really loved you, despite the fact that they are in a new relationship, wouldn’t they look you up?

I mean, wouldn’t they be crazy torturing themselves by being in other relationships if the only one they love is you? They are also looking for happiness you know.

Think about that.

I recommend that you drop that thought, maintain No-Contact, work on your self-love and continue your arduous climb up that mountain called break up recovery.

Don’t wait until your Ex looks you up, they most likely won’t.

Sadly these are the facts.

Instead, take responsibility for your own healing and take one step after another towards a new independent and happy life.

Your friend and coach,

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