Should You Try To Forget Your Ex?

Should You Try To Forget Your Ex?

Have you ever wished that you could just erase all the memories you’ve ever had of your Ex?

Like in the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”?

Would things be easier if we all could do that?

Would your love for them disappear along with the memory?

Or would it stay in your heart, floating around aimlessly? Like a plastic bag in the wind …

You see, I think that it wouldn’t serve us at all if this were possible.

I believe that we NEED this pain so that we can build a better life upon it.

If you could make your pain go away in an instant – cold turkey – you would rob yourself of an essential opportunity.

I know that now all you want is the pain to stop.

And maybe you don’t want to lose all the good memories you have about your Ex.

Therefore the solution is NOT to forget about your Ex and everything you’ve had together.

The solution is to un-love them and break the Ex-Addiction you are suffering from.

You don’t want to forget because in your memory lies the answer to happier future relationships (that’s why we do a “relationship inventory” in our DETOX Course).

So how do you un-love your Ex?

The first step is always to draw a line and physically DETOX them:

The 60 days of No-Contact.

By doing this, you force yourself to live without them:

  • without their physical nearness
  • without their advice
  • without their open ears for all your problems
  • without the security they provide
  • without the status of a relationship
  • with a potential future together

I know that this is so incredibly hard and scary … but it’s your first step that you have to take.

During the 60 days, you will learn so many things.

Mainly that the beliefs you had were wrong.

You CAN survive alone.

And if you stick to it:

You WILL find love again … and someone better than your Ex.

The second step is to learn more about yourself … and to discover the greatest love of all:

The love for yourself.

And when you are there … magical things will happen.

It sounds cheesy, but it’s really true. I’ve seen it countless times.

And the “magic” is the final step, the leap into a new life.

It’s when you have broken all the chains of your past that held you back … you can do anything you want.

Things you have been afraid of doing before.

That’s when you know that your breakup was the very best thing that has ever happened to you.

Take these three steps I’ve shown you above, do them right (because there’s a wrong way to do them) and I’ll guarantee you that your life will change.

If you need guidance, I can show you the shortcuts through these steps and help you avoid all the common mistakes most people make.

Your friend and coach,

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