Breakup Recovery In 7 Simple Questions

Breakup Recovery In 7 Simple Questions

“How can I be happy after my breakup?”

First of all, your brain isn’t built for happiness; it’s built for survival. Happiness is your job … something you have to work on actively and on a daily basis.

To do this, you have to take responsibility for your situation first.

Then you have to start removing the source of your unhappiness from your daily life. This will help you to concentrate on yourself without being constantly thrown off your path by your Ex.

“How can I remove the source of my happiness from my daily life?”

You do it by following the No-Contact Rule as I teach it.

It means abiding by a set of strict rules that prevent or restrict (if you still have to deal with them) all contact with your Ex.

It’s much similar to removing alcohol from an alcoholic for the purpose of detoxification.

“What if I can’t follow the rule?”

Then you will suffer much longer.

There is really no valid reason not to follow the rule. If you have kids together, you follow a set of special rules (“Reduced NC”).

“How long do I have to go No-Contact?”

The time-period that has proved to be most beneficial is 60 days. After that, you can choose to contact your Ex again and see how you feel about them.

Most don’t contact them and continue following the rule, as it’s incredibly liberating and empowering.

“Can I get over my Ex in 60 days?”

Yes, you definitely can, if you’re able to complete the 60 days of NC.

To heal sustainably, it’s also important to take the deep healing approach (I call it “Emotional Detox”), where you examine and resolve negative belief systems that you adapted in your past.

“Will I ever love again?”

Yes, you will … IF you are able to use your breakup to learn from the mistakes made, break the toxic relationship cycle you’re probably riding your whole life and emerge out of it as a new YOU.

It’s not easy, but so worth doing it.

“How can I start today?”

Write your Ex a “No-Contact Letter” and start your 60 days today (to learn more about that please subscribe to my newsletter below).

Your friend and coach,

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