The Man Who Climbed The Mount Everest In His Shorts

Mount Everest In Shorts - Wim Hof

Do you think that it’s impossible to stop thinking of your Ex?

Do you think that’s impossible to maintain No-Contact with them?

Do you think that’s impossible to find an even better partner?


Let me tell you what’s impossible:

To climb the Mount Everest just in shorts.

Yet … somebody did it.

A man called Wim Hof put on his shorts (and nothing else) and went climbing the highest mountain on earth.

Everybody said you’re crazy, you’re insane, it can’t be done.

He did it anyway.

Although he never got up to the top due to a foot injury (he climbed barefoot), he got high enough to make people’s jaws drop.

How did he do it?

He did it with the intellectual knowledge on HOW to do it, with severe preparation, with people helping him and with the certainty that he will succeed.

That’s how you can accomplish anything.

And that is also how YOU will:

  • stop thinking about your Ex
  • get over them for good
  • become irresistibly attractive
  • find your perfect match partner

All you need is the WILL to do it and the intellectual knowledge on HOW to do it.

That’s where I come in:

and much more …

If you’re ready to accomplish all that, then maybe it’s time you joined us in the DETOX Course here.

And maybe one day you can climb the Mount Everest as well, as our 60 years old member Mario did it (with more that just in his shorts though).

Your friend and coach,
Eddie Corbano

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