How I Met My Wife – A Love Story

How I Met My Wife - A Love Story

It was weird, how I met my wife.

Years ago I had this fantasy that the perfect woman would just knock on my front door.

Just like that, without having to go to places to meet women and without having awful dating experiences.

Stupid fantasy, right? Until it wasn’t …

The most fundamental realization I had during my breakup recovery was this:

When I found the reason WHY all my relationships before have failed.

It wasn’t always my fault; it’s just that my premise was always wrong.

That’s why I attracted the wrong partner every time.

Honestly, every freakin’ time!

It was always the same kind of woman, who did the same things and me reacting in the same ways.

Once I knew what caused it, I worked hard to “fix it”.

And then it finally happened.

When I was ready, SHE knocked on my door.

Read: she sent me an email and wanted to meet. A mutual friend had sung the highest praises about me, and she was curious.

And THAT was that.

The lesson here is this:

And WHEN you are ready, not before, you’ll be rewarded with the relationship you’ve waited for your whole life.

Big words Eddie, but how often does this really happen?

You would be surprised!

It’s like a revelation when you finally figure out what was blocking you all these years.

Imagine the feeling when you can be YOU, not what others expect of you, not what you’ve been conditioned to be.

Just YOU.
Your friend and coach,
Eddie Corbano


We were in a long distant relationship for over a year before we finally lived together … and things went pretty quickly after that: marriage, beautiful twin-girls. The whole nine yards.

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