The Biggest Fear After A Breakup

The Biggest Fear After A Breakup

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
―Roald Dahl

I know that finding new love may be the farthest thing on your mind right now, but are you aware of one of the biggest obstacles to your recovery?

It’s the fear of being alone forever.

I know what you think.

You either think that you’ll never find anyone who’s ever as [fill in a positive adjective] as your Ex.

OR …

That it’s so scary to “go out there” again.

I bet it’s one of those.

But I urge you to NOT be afraid.

You WILL find new love, I did (and I didn’t believe in it either at the beginning) and almost all of those I worked with have as well.

This one belief is so important for your recovery.

It’s the light at the end of the tunnel that we need.

It’s the certainty that there will be a happy end for us too.

It’s the end-goal that will give us the power and endurance to survive anything.

So open yourself to the possibility that you WON’T be alone forever.

Even if this little voice may tell you otherwise.

Your friend and coach,

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