This Is Why Your Breakup Happened

This Is Why Your Breakup Happened

Two weeks ago I wrote you an email that had one crucial sentence buried in it.

Maybe you missed it, or perhaps you haven’t fully appreciated it’s ingenuity (yes, I’m very humble today).

In both instances, I’ve decided to write about it today, because I really think that this one little sentence says it all and I really want you to GET this.


Here it comes:

What does it mean and why is this so important?

It describes an important mind-shift:

The breakup didn’t happen randomly, because of somebody’s fault or because you were at the wrong time in the wrong place or because it was just bad luck.


It happened for a good reason.

A reason that will serve YOU.

It means that by overcoming this huge emotionally devastating experience, you will gain something you didn’t have before:

  • an insight that can change your life
  • a solution to a problem you’ve had your whole life
  • a doorway to the life you want
  • the partner you always hoped for
  • an understanding of who you really are
  • a transformation into the person you are meant to be

All these great achievements, made possible by a simple mind-change:

From being a victim without control to being someone who takes their life into their own hands.

Now, which one would you rather be? The latter?

Then you must abandon the victim role.

I know how you feel, I know that it hurts, that you had to give up so much, that the whole world seemed to have conspired against you …

But it’s time to stand up and look forward and not back.

This breakup happened FOR you.

Then it’s your job to make the best out of it, don’t let this opportunity go waste in a sea of tears.

Take the first step.

If you haven’t already, then break off contact with your Ex and go through the 60 days No-Contact DETOX.

After that work on yourself.

Become the best version of your SELF that you can be. Become a strong, confident, successful and attractive person.

This is not a theoretical concept I’ve concocted in my brain that might work.

It does work!

I’ve done it myself and all of my clients who were willing to do the work.

Your friend and coach,

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