My Life And Death Depended On That One Thing

My Life And Death Depended On That One Thing

I hated this damn thing.

It wouldn’t ring, no matter how long I would stare at it.

I felt so pathetic to wait every second of every hour for a simple text or call.

This damn phone.

She was my best friend, and I missed talking to her.

Whom else would I tell all the things I’ve told HER? Whom else would I talk to?

In a desperate attempt to regain control I grabbed the phone and threw it into the bedroom and closed the door.

Just to come back running a minute later, wondering if she’d called in the meantime.


This terrible helplessness and dependence was unbearable.

My life and dead depended on this small object.

I’m sure you know what I mean and this scenario sound familiar.

Maybe all you do the whole day is waiting for them to get in touch.

And the disappointment when the phone finally rings and it’s not them?

But what can you do about this whole thing?

Well for one you can switch the damn thing off for a day or two.

And ignore the guilt this causes, and the fear that they might call or text in the meantime.

It will give you a first small taste how it is to get your power back for a moment.

Because switching the phone off is YOU.

It is your choice, your control; nobody forced this upon you.

It’s you.

And if you liked this foretaste of power you might want to consider taking the 2nd step:

Following the No-Contac Rule as I teach it.

Because chances are that after a day or two, when you’ve swooped down on your phone to switch it on again you find this:

No messages, no calls from your Ex … nothing.

So why do you care when clearly they don’t?

I’m sorry for saying this (I know it hurts to hear that), but it’s true.

Get your power back, start with No-Contact today:

We have a template letter that you can send to your Ex to announce NC and prevent that they start sabotaging your progress.

You’ll find everything you need in our DETOX Course to not only survive the 60 days of NC but to become emotionally independent at the same time.

All of our members who were willing to put in the work have succeeded in it.

Are you too?

Your friend and coach,
Eddie Corbano

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