How To Take Your Power Back (And Beat The Helplessness)

How To Take Your Power Back (And Beat The Helplessness)

Why are you still in pain?

Why do you feel so helpless at the moment?

Why is it that you still can’t let go?

The answer to every question is because you are wasting energy on the wrong things.

You are giving away your power … power and energy that you desperately need right now.

The solution is obvious: keep your power to yourself.

But HOW exactly do you that?

“Be brave, little rabbit. Take a chance.”
―Cherise Sinclair

The mistake you are doing now is choosing your Ex in every given situation.

They call, you jump.

They text you something, you spend days reading between the lines.

The end-result is that you are emotionally exhausted.

But what you can do, besides following the so important no contact rule (which is a prerequisite), is changing your mindset to preserve your power, rather than giving it away to your Ex and to others.

From now on you must choose yourself.

Put yourself first … over your Ex, over the needs of your friends, even over your family, IF it means that you sacrifice your own essential needs.

Be selfish for once.

You must decide to feel better by taking care of yourself first in every given situation of your life.

Avoid situations that will make you feel bad.

Is this morally questionable to put oneself first during your recovery?

No, it is not (as long as you are not harming others of course).


Today is the day that you take care of YOURSELF.

If you are not doing it, who else will? Your happiness is your obligation.

Does this make sense?

Your friend and coach,

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