How To Make Your Ex Suffer

How to make your Ex suffer

How can I make them suffer for what they did to me?

“We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged.”
―Heinrich Heine

Today’s quote is more for your amusement than inspiration …

But I’m sure you’ve cooked up all kinds of revenge scenarios in your mind to get back at your Ex (as have I back then).

We want them to suffer, to really make them feel on their own skin how they have hurt us.

I used to spend an enormous amount of energy just to make her regret that she had left.

I did all kinds of stupid things just to prove to her that “I’m the man”.

But to what end? To make her come back to me?

That ship had sailed.

I wanted her to say, oh my god, I made a terrible mistake by leaving him.

And when she finally came crawling back, I would’ve rejected her mercilessly (with a smug smile on my face).

Thinking like that helped for a while.

But not for long.

Eventually, I had to ask myself what I was doing and decided to take another course.

I found out that the best revenge ever is this:

To disengage myself from her completely, be the person that I could ever be, be irresistibly attractive and find my perfect match partner.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

So I did.

And once I did, I never looked back, and I never cared what she thought.

Maybe your Ex has treated you badly, maybe not. But I’m almost sure that you feel some kind of anger towards them.

And that’s okay for now.

But sooner or later (better sooner) you must channel this anger into your recovery.

Tell yourself:

I’m going to become a super version of “ME”. I’m going to become strong, successful and independent. And I’m doing it for ME and not for you.

THIS is your revenge.

So, don’t hang them yet.

Your friend and coach,
Eddie Corbano

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