Did You Give Everything In Your Past Relationship?

Did You Give Everything In Your Past Relationship?

How do celebrities handle breakups?

I was always fascinated by this question.

The answer is, of course, the same way as we do.

But the difference is – and that the interesting part – they have to handle it while the whole world is watching them.

Which puts a lot of pressure on someone who might already be a fragile person.

Let’s take for example an artist whose music I’ve always loved and who tragically passed away a few years ago.

Amy Winehouse.

She was a person who went “all in” in her relationship, held nothing back, was vulnerable and susceptible to bad influence.

She went into a toxic relationship that ultimately destroyed her.

When they broke up, she broke too:

We only said goodbye with words
I died a hundred times
You go back to her
And I go back to black…

I think that we all felt a bit like her … except that we didn’t have to suffer from the disastrous media involvement, of course.

But most of us also went “all in”, held nothing back and hoped that this relationship would be our last.

Only to experience that all our dreams were shattered in a second.

In a way, it “broke us” too.

Was our relationship toxic as well?

For many of us, sadly the answer is yes.

But we have what Amy most probably had not, less pressure and maybe the willingness to learn from what we went through.

We need to USE this breakup and get to the bottom of our “vulnerability”, our hidden pain points of which I’ve talked about so often on this newsletter.

Find out WHERE exactly it hurts and why.

We need to remove the source of our suffering physically from our lives (meaning: go No-Contact) to detox ourselves and our system from our Ex.

That’s the only way to break the Ex-Addiction.

And once we have, we can start to work on our self-esteem, our self-love, and re-discover WHO we really are.

That is what will bullet-proof our hearts from future breakups.

The real reasons for Amy’s death will most probably stay a mystery forever … but make sure that the reasons for YOUR breakup will be revealed and resolved … it’s in your hands alone.

Your friend and coach,

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