3 Ways To Un-Love Your Ex

3 Ways To Un-Love Your Ex

“The things you let go will someday teach you how to fly.”
―Jenim Dibie

We can’t let go of our Ex because we still love them.

They have left and moved on already, but we still cling firmly to our love towards them.

Of course, this creates pain and frustration and comes with a constant preoccupation with things lost to us.

But our love is absolute and pure, how could we ever let go of it?

And the classic: isn’t love supposed to stay forever?

What you need to do is un-love them … for your own sake.

Exactly as they did when they realized that they didn’t get their needs met during our relationship.

They slowly un-loved themselves while we were still close to them (without us noticing).

They may or may not have sent signs and red flags.

Have you seen them? I haven’t.

But the point is, they un-loved themselves and so can we.

Here are three ways you can do this:

1. Stop seeing them / Talking to them

One main way to do this is to create an “artificial distance” with following the No-Contact Rule.

Out of sight, out of mind.

2. Stop thinking of them

Another way – if you are on No-Contact already – is to simply ban them from your mind … to continuously let them occupy less and less of your conscious thinking.

3. Fall in love with yourself

Lastly, convert the love your feel for them to loving yourself.

If you are able to really get to know yourself, what makes you tick on a deeper level, you can redirect the love you already feel in a more constructive way.

Make sense?

Your friend and coach,

Eddie Corbano

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