13 Things I’ve Learned From My Breakup

A breakup can be a wonderful thing.

It can correct a wrong path that we have taken in life, or it can undo emotional damage we may have suffered in early adulthood.

It raises our awareness to it.

The only prerequisite is that you take a conscious healing approach. Without it, you will only repeat the same all over again.

I’ve taken the conscious healing approach that I’m teaching now, and these are the 13 things I’ve learned that might make your own recovery a little easier:

  1. Exes are human too
  2. Meditate don’t medicate.
  3. If the pain seems unbearable do something you were always afraid of doing (Ex unrelated).
  4. You don’t want to know if they are with someone else right now.
  5. Never ever allow yourself that you run into unplanned free time.
  6. Remove all the “memory contact mines” from your house. You will be thankful later.
  7. 3 important things after a breakup: Distraction. Distraction. Distraction.
  8. Find your happiest Ex unrelated memory and use it as a silver bullet against negativity.
  9. It’s scary to get out of your comfort-zone, but it reaps the greatest rewards.
  10. Someone who left you once will leave you again.
  11. A breakup is merely an escalated incompatibility in the relationship.
  12. You strengthen your self-esteem by doing things you think you can’t. The trick is: you can do far more than you’ve ever dreamed of.
  13. Your loneliness is NOT a product of another person’s absence.

While going through recovery, you make your own experiences which you can use in all situations in life.

Just remember, every experience is valuable, positive or negative.

Your friend,

Eddie Corbano

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